Give your Player a unique name. Create your own naming convention on your players to keep things logical and neat! Example Template: Source_Domain_Device_CPM_Geo.


Describe your player's specifications. This is where you indicate anything worth remembering, for example: date created. Add any detailed information about the player that you think is suitable.

Supply Partner

Choose the supply partner this tag belongs to or add a new one.

Deal Type

Choose the relevant deal type.


Set the CPM (Cost per mille Impressions) price for this player (if exists).

Media Type

Choose "WEB" for desktop or mobile web traffic. Choose "INAPP" for in app traffic.

Width & Height

Set the width and height of the player in pixels to match it to the placement's div. Or set "auto" on both to make it fit any placement size automatically.


Choose the skin you would like to use: Vidazoo's default/ no skin/ costume skin. If custom, set the skin URL in the bar below.

Check Boxes:

Auto Play- Mark check box if the player should play automatically (Not user initiated)

Play in Loop- Mark check box if the player should loop instead of playing once.

Continuous Ad Lookup Roll- Mark check box to use Vidazoo's Continuous Ad Lookup Roll to allow a continuous process of ad searching throughout player session. This option will eliminate any roll position set on the playlist.

Vidazoo IVT Pre-bid- Mark check box to enable Vidazoo IVT Pre-bid detection.